How Cloud POS Can Save You And Your Customers Significant Time


How Cloud POS Can Save You And Your Customers Significant Time

Customers are the kings of the market. They are the people who generate demand for products. They want and expect the best of services in a short span of time. Naturally, all businesses strive hard to maintain the perfect balance between customer satisfaction and organizational growth.

However, there is one thing that is common for customers and business owners: Time.

As a busy, on-the-go business owner, you will agree that the most important thing for you is time optimization. Since it is the basis on which your business runs so seamlessly, why not save time specifically at the Point of Sale (POS)?

A good POS software can holistically improve your small business’ back-end system and shopping experience of the customers. Adding to this thought, here are 4 points you must keep in mind when picking a POS software for your business:

1. Choose an integrated cloud POS system

Most of the modern POS systems have  integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM), social media marketing, financial management, Payroll management and inventory management built in.

These tools can solve basic queries such as which menu item is bringing repeat customers, which marketing efforts are yielding maximum results and which server is generating the most revenue to name a few. A fully-integrated POS system can do wonders for you.


2. Use a POS system that accepts all kinds of payments

As a small business owner, it is your responsibility to offer your customers a secure payment mode, involving cards and assure them that their credit card information is being handled in a secure environment.

Let us call the current times “the age of financial fluidity”. From credit/debit cards to Apple Pay, Android Pay, NFC and cash—payments are being done in various ways. Apple and Android pay have also seen a rise in recent times and are expected to grow significantly over the years.

Therefore, as a small business owner, you must choose a POS system that helps you accept payments in every form for the sake of customers’ convenience.

This is also feasible for your employees as they don’t have to swing back and forth—from a cash register to a credit/debit card reader—when the customers are paying.



3. Opt for a tablet-based POS system

Gone are the days when you had to settle for expensive and clunky POS systems like Micros, Aloha, Posiflex, etc. Unfortunately, those systems have not caught up with time and lack many of the basic features that newer tablet-based POS systems provide.

It is not possible for you or your employees to crunch numbers post office hours. This task is highly laborious and time-intensive. Using a cloud-based POS system will enable you to access POS data at any time of the day or night and from anywhere. This will help you manage your time better and gain insights about your business like never before!

4. Get a POS software that simplifies tax preparation

Keeping a tab on total sales, sales tax, expenses and other payments can be tedious. Use a POS software that can perform and save complex calculations for you. So the next time you pay your taxes, you will be sure of the fact that your income is being reported accurately.

Many cloud-based POS systems have the ability to sync automatically with QuickBooks and that saves the accountants significant time.

5. Train employees on the system

Do you want to piss off your customers while your employees try to figure out a way to accept a payment or input a discount on the machine? No, right?  Enable your employees to make the most of the technology by providing them an extensive training program. Many modern POS systems have a great video library that can help you train your employees.

6. Staff rotation

How can you think of running an effective business if you are not able to track peak periods or busy days? You can and must use your POS software to do all the required tracking for you so that you can hire extra hands accordingly.

7. Use table service option

Many newer POS systems have the option to add a “mobile” unit to the existing POS station. With tablet-based systems like Revel, ShopKeep and Talech, you can take orders at-the-table and pay at-the-table by default!

But if you have Clover POS, consider adding “Clover Mobile”, so you can expedite your orders and payments for dine-in customers and use the actual station for pick-up orders or deliveries.

Clover POS
Clover POS


Clover Mobile
Clover Mobile

Remember: There are many POS systems to choose from and all of them have their their own set of strengths and weaknesses. There are many features and functionalities that need to be considered before implementing any new system.

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