Top 51 websites – to learn and avoid costly mistakes with your business


Top 51 websites – to learn and avoid costly mistakes with your business

It can be very time-consuming and frustrating for new Small business owners to find  honest guidance or reliable vendors while setting up new business. A wrong contractor or company can set you up for months in delay and thousands of dollars in losses.

We have researched and assembled a list of 51 websites that can help you in setting up legal structure of your business, learn marketing and sales, raise capital, get credit, organize finance & accounts, and create an online business presence.


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 Business plan and strategies for small business

1) LivePlan

One of the oldest and easiest way to prepare a business plan to pitch to investors. Cloud based. Pitch, plan and track your business anywhere.


SBA is often overlooked as a great place to prepare a business plan. In fact, you can visit a local SCORE chapter and get one on one guidance by seasoned entrepreneurs.

3) Allbusiness

It provides advices to small businesses about how to start, finance management and build a business.

4) Frannet provides guidance and advice. If your thinking about buying a franchise then it provides guidance to determine you are suited to franchise owner or not.

5) W-work

Women’s Work is about helping the working women. It provides articles, advice, flexible career choice that helps women towards their business decision making.

6) B-plan

B plan provides business plans, business plan software and articles on business plan and other business related topics.

7) Business How Know

Business how know website provides idea and strategies for marketing, finance, start a business, running or about how to growth.

8) Entrepreneur provides practical information, articles, videos, tools, news regarding small businesses.

9) Inc

Online portal of Inc magazine. Great place for inspirational articles, startup news and business know-how.

10) Accounting Web

It offers accounting industry news, information, tips, tools, resources and insight-everything you need to prosper and interact with other accounting professionals.

11) More Business

You can find  sample business plans, templates, sample contracts and business agreements to help entrepreneurs to start and grow a small business.

Government Laws for Small Business

12) Business usa gov

It provides the information about the legal requirements and laws imposed by central, state or local agencies.

13) Uspto is the official site for searching U.S patent database. It also includes international treaties and patent news.

14) Irs

Internal revenue service provides information about business taxes information. It is a good place to stay on current taxes that affect business owners.

Business formation and legal documents

15) LegalZoom

Although almost all states have an online portal to help you set up your business, it can be little confusing. If you don’t mind paying little extra for a streamlined process, you should consider third party registration companies. LegalZoom does a great job when you need to incorporate or form LLC or file any other business document

16) MyCorporation

Similar to LegalZoom. Create and file you business documents online with state agencies.

17) LawDepot

Create personal and business legal documents online. Some free, some for charge.

18) RocketLawyer

Excellent place if you require constant legal documents. Starting for as low as $7/month.

Marketing/ Advertisement

19) Facebook Local

Facebook is one of the leading social media sites. By advertisement on facebook, it becomes easy to reach your customers and make them know about your products.

20) Yelp

Yelp is also marketing website. From the reviews on yelp, business owners come to know about the liking of customers and make improvements according to their needs

21) Yahoo local

Yahoo Local is an online local advertising system that gives businesses the ability to provide detailed business information to millions of potential customers.

Franchise for Small Business

22) BizBuySell

Biz-buy-sell is about the trade of businesses. It provides information the businesses that are on sale. It also provides information about franchises.

23) Franchise Expo

Franchise expo is also a search engine about franchises. If you want to buy a franchise then you can search here.

24) Franchise is a search engine that helps in finding news related franchises and resources. It also provides information about the businesses that are for.

News/ Newsletters/ Magazines for Small Business

25) Business News Daily It provides the news business news which in turns helps the small businesses in making their future strategies.

26) US Chamber

This portal helps in how to start, inform about new taxes and much more that related to small businesses.

27) ToolKit

Toolkit features more than 5000 pages of free cost cutting tips, step by step check list, real life case studies and business template to small business owners.

28) TardePub

Trade pub features free publication of newsletter and magazine related to business and computer. Anyone can subscribe these for free.

29) Know This

Know this is a leading information resource that provides information in the area of market research, selling, advertisement and other related matters.

30) Smallbiztrends

Small business trends help in finding out the current trends and what will be future trends that affect the small businesses.

31) Social Media Today

Social media today provide the small businessmen information, tools, tips and strategies that help in establishing that business.

32) Survey Monkey

Survey money create and publish online surveys of consumers to gather data that in turns business can use for taking making business strategies.

Web Builder for Small Businesses

33) Copyblogger

Copy blogger helps the websites business by providing knowledge about how to gain more traffic, links and subscribers for sites.

34) Webs is one of the best website builders for small businesses. Build your own website or blog without any coding skills.

35) Score offers face to face business counseling, mentoring and training for startups and small businesses.

Entrepreneur’s Associations

36) Econnect Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur connect is a social networking site of gathering palace of thousands of business owners. Join like mined people and receive valuable advice from trenches.

37) Young Entrepreneur

Young is an online community of entrepreneurs. These include business professionals, venture capitalist, industry experts and successful entrepreneurs. So it is a platform to learn from these experts.

38) Business Owner Idea Cafe

Business owner idea cafe is managed by successful entrepreneurs and authors. This site provides practical advice, business news.

39) NASE

National Association for Self-Employed, provides its members with support, education and training. It surveys the needs of the self-employed persons and posts articles those can be used by business owners.

Loan / Financial Help

40) Business Credit Blogger

Business credit helps small business in providing information about business credits, credit reporting and credit cards.

41) Credit provides free help regarding credit planning. The experts offer advice and tip to save your money.

42) V Finance

V finance is helpful for those who are searching for sources of capital venture. It provide network with investors and sample business plan templates.


Sba provides a wide range of sources for technical, managerial and financial help to small business owners.


Rangde is loan provider for micro and ruler entrepreneurs. The main focus of this site is to provide ruler business.

45) Nawbo

National association for women business owners provides financial and other resources and support to business women.

46) provides help in the form of personal finances, money management and budget planning. In addition, Mint offers free financial planning software.

Payment solutions for Small Businesses

47) Paypal

PayPal became a standard for accepting digital payment which allows people to send and receive money electronically.

48) Square

Biggest competitor of Paypal, it helps you to setup online store and process payments for your online business.

49) Stripe

Stripe works on different devices without any extra cost on your wallet. You can easily integrate stripe with your website and start accepting payments.

50) Intuit

Old player in the market, Intuit offers payment solution that works well with e-commerce payments. You can accept payments by connecting their card reader with your smartphone.


Authorize provides multiple options to accept payments. Small business owners can get simple checkout option and start accepting payments.


Starting a business is not easy. There are so many complexities at each level. We can help you in processing payments if you are an owner of a small business like restaurants, cafe, pub or retail store.

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