Onesto is not only Italian for honesty,
but also a principle we found our company on.

We are a bunch of odd individuals who are simple, hard-working,
and honest but set out to change the credit card processing and POS business.

We don’t think it’s weird to be honest, to really know our customer needs, and then suggest absolutely unbiased solutions.

Our journey started when we were frustrated like many other small businesses who do not understand how the merchant services pricing work and as a result, always paid much more than they should.

So, we went out in the market pretending to be small business looking for credit card processing service and started calling to research the best payment and POS services company. We came back incredibly disappointed.

Many companies quoted us the worst type of pricing, or wanted us to sign a multi-year contract or offered us to sign a multi-year equipment lease agreement.

Most of the quotes we received seemed to be focused only on maximizing profits, just because majority of small businesses DO NOT understand merchant services.

None of them showed any understanding whatsoever on how to save merchants the most amount on processing. However, every single one loved to claim “ We will save you money, guaranteed”.

Surprisingly, the worst of them all were the local banks! They offered us multi-year equipment leases with a 3 years processing contract and ERR pricing, the worst type of pricing. All for a small discount on banking fees ;(

So after a lot of frustration we decided to fix the problem instead of complaining about it and we decided to start an honest credit card processing and POS company.

We lovingly called it Onesto Payments 🙂 Btw, Onesto means honest in Italian.

Our MIssion was simple: Never again should small business feel cheated because of a lack of merchant services and POS knowledge.

All that translated in simple principles when we were pricing our payment plans

1. It had to be simple to understand

2. It had to actually minimize the processing cost for our customers

3. It had to be absolutely transparent

We wanted to build payment plans that small businesses would actually love and not worry about being nickel and dimed. We wanted to build something WE WOULD LOVE.

It took about 7 months of constant iteration, development and registration with Visa/MasterCard to realize that early vision and create something truly special called Onesto Payments

We knew we created something valuable when we suddenly got a call from a local small business owner who has 5 different locations and wanted to switch to our flat rate pricing.

There are 4 reasons how Onesto Payments will help you save money and make you more efficient.

1. You pay a flat monthly fee, as low as $29/month or basis point over actual wholesale interchange, depending on your volume.

We do not markup interchange. We pass on the true wholesale cost and the saving that comes along with it to you.

2. We will guide you how you can accept more debit cards than credit cards. Saving even further.

3. You don’t have to worry about processing rates going up since our pricing stays same.

4. We will guide you to the right POS system and help you integrate payments saving you significant time every day.

Find your honest payment plan, as honest as a child !